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Flexible 12 to 72 Month Terms Available




Do you have an established  landscaping, contracting or snow removal business over 3 years old and thinking of purchasing new equipment?   

You may qualify for deferred payment options for 6 months at $33.00, before your first full payment is due.   

Fill out the quick application powered by Trio Capital.  After that, just drop your truck off during and have it back in a day or two with your brand new equipment.

Even If you
r business has not been around that long, we can still offer you 90 days deferred before your first full payment is due. 

Let your equipment make you money NOW and PAY later!


  • Purchase equipment for business today and start paying later

  • Same day funding available

  • 12 to 72  month terms available

  • Available to assist with New and established Businesses (Sole Proprietors to Enterprise to Start Ups)


T & T Body King Finance Program, powered by Trio Capital., can help ANYONE get the plows, bodies and equipment they need for their business while preserving their cash flow at the same time.


We give you the ability to acquire our snowplows, truck bodies and equipment through affordable monthly payment plans that can be customized to meet almost any budget.

Our financing program makes getting the funding you need simple and easy.   


All you need to do is complete and submit your application and we do all the rest.



Equipment financing provides many advantages and benefits that need to be considered before you utilize your cash, bank lines or credit cards. Here's why more businesses are choosing financing as their preferred purchasing strategy:

  • It's More Convenient – Fast credit decisions, less paperwork and simple documentation makes financing simple and easy.

  • Receive Tax Benefits – Depending on the structure of your company's tax position; you may be able to deduct the full monthly payment.

  • Preserve Your Cash – Financing provides capital to support your equipment procurement objectives so that cash can be used for your more vital operating needs.

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