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Buying a New Switch-N-Go Interchangeable truck body system from T&T Body King has Never Been Easier 


Ground level loading

It doesn’t get much easier than single-handed, push button operation for safe and efficient loading. Drop one body and pick up another in a average of three minutes.



Do more with less

One truck can do the work of three, reducing the amount of vehicles and increasing your work force. Multiple bodies allows for job staging and quick interchangeability.


Tackle any need

With advantages over both traditional permanent mount and hooklift units, Switch-N-Go® offers endless opportunities to minimize investment and optimize the work day.

The Switch-N-Go® Flatbed Service Body will provide users with safe and efficient security and storage of tools during jobs. This fully compatible service body is manufactured in a lightweight aluminum design to provide additional payload and superior corrosion resistance. The storage compartments have adjustable shelves and dividers, giving users the ability to customize this container for their business needs.

The Switch-N-Go® Landscape Body is making it easier than ever for landscapers to have access to materials, equipment, and tools. The 7′ spring-assisted fold-down ramp paired with a 4′ extended beavertail and welded D-Rings in each corner allow you to safely and efficiently load and unload without unnecessary climbing in the body. With the Switch-N-Go hoist system and simple operation, a crew can work safely with ground level loading and unloading.

The Switch-N-Go® Flatbed is ideal for hauling equipment and materials from jobsite to jobsite. Designed with a flat surface for hauling large equipment, the option of with or without a beaver tail, and the ground level loading abilities when paired with a Switch-N-Go® hoist system, the Flatbed is your go to hauler for industries such as landscaping, tree care, and more.

Now Available for Class 3 Trucks

The Switch-N-Go® Dump Body can haul products, materials, or equipment. With a 2-way tailgate features a fold down gate for drive-on convenience and a dump gate that makes dumping materials easier than before,

The Switch-N-Go® Drop Box can haul debris, materials, and equipment. Industry standard features paired with a Switch-N-Go® hoist system, the Drop Box is a perfect addition for any industry as your go to container. The Drop Box is available in lengths ranging from 8-15′ and can be manufactured with either a single swing gate or barn door. With the Switch-N-Go® hoist system and simple operation, a crew can work safely with ground level loading and unloading.

* Optional Cab Shield

* Fold down gate acts as a ramp

* Optional Drop Down Sides for better curb side access

* Available in Carbon, Stainless or Aluminum

Now Available for Class 3 Trucks

The Switch-N-Go® Salt Spreader Body is a truly field-ready solution for salt application. Our unique stainless V-Box spreader and subframe design allows for superior weight distribution and hauling capacity over other designs. This option weighs less than using a flatbed or dump body for a mounting platform, has better visibility around the unit, and features a design that prevents the spreader and attachments from touching the ground and being damaged when unloading. 

T&T Body King Switch-N-Go Brochures

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