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  • Pro-Tech is the Industry leader, supplying thousands of companies across North America with Snow Pushers for every application.

  • Pushers are constructed from Prime Steel with Fully Welded Seams.

  • Reinforced structural steel channel provides maximum structural strength to chassis. 

  • Pro-Tech uses high quality primers and paints on all of their Snow Pusher products. These coatings are at least 4 mil thick.

  • Live Edge Technology provides superior surface outcome

  • Exceptional edge durability and wear life

  • Salt reduction to as much as 30%-50%

  • Bolt-on, floating coupler contours to surface

  • Easy to operate and maintain

  • Independent edge sections paired with the floating coupler creates optimal surface contact

  • 10 year warranty

  • Incredible surface clearance and ease of use

  • Industry first: Steel infused rubber cutting edge

  • Edge squeegees wet snow and scrapes hard packed snow

  • Bolt-on, floating coupler contours to surface

  • 2ft cutting edge sections trip over obstacles

  • 10 year warranty

  • Most popular snow pusher in North America

  • Contains and pushes snow into piles

  • More productive than truck plows

  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces

  • Easy to operate and maintain

  • Rubber edge "squeegees" surface

  • 10 year warranty

Looking for Another Model Snow Pusher?  No Problem, Just visit for their complete line of products or custom features and contact our T&T Sales Department for pricing and availability. 

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