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The front mount can be easily attached to any box of varying lengths. It is designed to fit box widths up to 8' 6" and comes with a 103" aluminum extruded standard tarp axle that has a diameter of 1-1/2". This axle can be cut to the desired width for your specific needs. The system is compatible with tarps up to 40' long. However, it is important to note that when ordering tarps for use with this system, they should be at least 4" narrower than the width of the mounted axle. The front mount features a spring-loaded, break-away crank handle for convenient operation. It also includes steel powder-coated mounting brackets and sealed bearings for durability. Additionally, this kit includes the rear pull bar assembly, which includes J-Hooks to keep the tarp square and facilitate easy locking in the rear. Please note that the wind deflector is not included in this kit. To lock the system, simply push in the standard crank. It is important to mention that the tarp itself is not included with this system.

#13484 US Tarps Pull Back Tarp System

SKU: 2148
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