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The Shur-Co 84" Arm/Pull HD Mesh Tarp is specifically designed for commercial and industrial purposes, offering exceptional durability. It is equipped with a double-folded hem to enhance its strength and longevity. With grommets placed every 4 feet, this tarp ensures a secure tie-down. The front hem features a 6" pocket and spline sewn into it, guaranteeing a snug fit over the arm/pull system. This design ensures that the tarp remains firmly in place, even during strong winds. Moreover, the side hems are reinforced with 2" webbing, making it perfect for covering and safeguarding heavy machinery, construction materials, or any other cargo that requires reliable transportation. The black mesh material not only allows for breathability but also reduces wind resistance.

#1801281 Shur-Co 7' x 14' Black Mesh Tarp

SKU: 1903
Excluding Sales Tax
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