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    #69818-2  PLUG-IN HARNESS KIT

    •  Newest version has the relays built into the harness.


    #73973-1 PLUG-IN HARNESS KIT,

    Truck Side Light Wiring Kit for trucks that have quad H13 lights This is for 3-port modules only.


    • 2017-2019 Ford Superduty trucks. 


    #69892-1 HARNESS KIT, 7 WIRE

    Truck Side Wiring Kit # 69892-1. 

    •  This is for 3-port modules only.



    • Trucks with H-13 Headlights. 
    • For 3-port modules only. 


    #26359 3-pin PLUG-IN HARNESS KIT 

    • For the plow side that connects to the pump.   
    • The plug has 11 holes to plug into the light plug, but only uses 3 wires.
    • Other end plugs into the truck side control harness #26345. 



    • # 26357 / #22413 Western & Fisher 11-Pin Vehicle Side
    • Light Harness  used on most newer plows that have the 3-Port or 4-Port Isolation Modules, from the light plug in the grille to the Isolation Module.  This plugs into the Plow Side 11-Pin Harness #26347 or #28213 depending your plow lights


    #42015 CABLE ASSY PLOW


    Unsure about what Harness fits your Truck Click Here to find a match. 


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    Fisher / Western Plow Plug In Harness (Multiple Options)

    PriceFrom $118.26
    Excluding Sales Tax
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