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When large storms are on the horizon, you want to attack it with all that you have. With TRACE edge technology, the all-new STORM BOXX™ pusher plows move massive amounts of snow—scraping down to the pavement—to reduce the amount of salt needed. Available in 8′, 10′, 12′, 14′, and 16′ widths, these pushers blaze new trails. TRACE EDGE The terrain-response advanced cutting edge is comprised of independent, 2' sections that raise, oscillate, and trip to accommodate contours and obstacles in the plowable surface. Working together, the sections remove more snow, reducing the amount of salt required. Two greasing locations allow the operator to keep the components well lubricated for maximum performance. SELF-LEVELING SIDEPLATES WITH HEAVY DUTY SHOES The side plates with heavy-duty shoes self-level to ensure the TRACE edge technology remains in direct contact with the plowable surface. The shoes are built to be easily replaceable to extend the life of the pusher. 3/4" CUTTING EDGE WITH CARBIDE INSERTS The STORM BOXX plow performs in the most grueling commercial conditions. Each 2' section comes standard with a ¾" cutting edge with carbide insert. Each section uses the same cutting edge for easy replacement when necessary so you can replace only the sections that show wear. EASY OPERATION Operation of the STORM BOXX plow is conveniently tied into the equipment’s controls. Simply raise and lower the lift arm and angle the attachment plate to position the pusher in the correct orientation.

#32812 STORM BOXX PUSHER, TRACE, 12' W, 42" H

SKU: 55555
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Models 12'
    Moldboard Options Steel
    Blade Width 12'
    Blade Height 42"
    Skid Plate Width 56"
    Skid Plate Height 42"
    Moldboard Radius 46"
    Approx. Snow Capacity 219 cu ft
    Machine Application Skid-Steer /Tractor /Wheel Loader
    Approx. Weight 2,644 lb
    Cutting Edge Technology TRACE — Terrain Response Advanced Cutting Edge
    Cutting Edge Material High-Carbon Steel With Carbide Inserts
    Mount Type Coupler
    Skid-Steer Horsepower Compatibility —
    Wheel Loader & Backhoe Horsepower Compatibility 100–125 hp
    Tractor Horsepower Compatibility 75–150 hp

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