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The Aero Easy Cover 575 Electric Aluminum PowerPack Side Mount Tarp System is designed for dump bodies that are 102" wide and 18'-21' long. It comes with a Wind Deflector and End Plates for added convenience and protection. The Ultra-HD adjustable one-piece swing arms ensure stability while meeting DOT safety standards with a 3-inch width. The pivot technology on the spring mounts allows for extra rotation and tension, making it easy to mount at the base, middle, or top of your dump body. The AeroMax motor maintains a 3" width for DOT compliance and features an all-metal construction, venting, and internal cooling system to regulate temperature in any weather conditions. Additionally, it includes a built-in manual override and self-locking gears for added functionality.

#ECK575SW21V1 Aero Easy Cover Tarp System

SKU: 2048
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