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The K0199 Mountain Tarp Spring is the preferred OEM spring for Mountain and Pioneer 4 and 5 spring side-mount tarp systems, such as the K614CSE and K612TE. This coiled flat steel spring stores torsion energy when the tarp is rolled up to the front of the dump bed by a robust motor. As the motor reverses, the energy stored in the springs propels the arms towards the back of the dump bed. Over time, springs can deteriorate due to the repeated compression and decompression, leading to the development of tiny fractures and eventual loss of strength or breakage. Sudden tension releases can also contribute to reduced functionality. While the K0199 is specifically designed for Mountain and Pioneer side-mount tarp systems, it is also compatible with all other single-tail flat wound spiral torsion springs, including our generic Tarp Arm Spring for Side-Mount Tarp Systems.

#K0199 Wastequip Side Mount Spring

SKU: 5321
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