The NEW Live Edge Sno Pusher

    The all NEW LIVE EDGE Sno Pusher brings the industry proven LIVE EDGE Technology to the Pro-Tech product line up. LIVE EDGE Technology features a one of a kind floating steel cutting edge with unrivaled performance. The LIVE EDGE Sno Pusher also features the Pro Float Coupler 2.0 giving you the Pro-Tech ease of use you’re used to. Every LIVE EDGE Sno Pusher features Fast Attack Shoes setting a new standard by significantly decreasing adjustment time. Ultimately, the LIVE EDGE Sno Pusher provides a durable tool with superior surface outcome.

    • Live Edge Technology

      Spring loaded carbide cutting edges that feature lateral floating motion that engage as users plow over surface variations. The heavy duty sectional steel cutting edges are featured with a mechanical trip mechanism as well. The combination of this technology ensures end users an efficient yet unrivaled surface outcome.

    • Fast Attack Wear Shoe

      Operators simply pull a pin on each shoe, find the optimal position and re-insert the pin. This design not only decreases maintenance requirements but helps operators maintain a level plowing position at all times because of the Self-Leveling Shoe design.

    • Pro Float Coupler 2.0

      The newly redesigned Pro Float Coupler 2.0 is specifically engineered for the Live Edge Sno Pusher. The coupler has the ability to float vertically, along with the same interchangeable bolt on coupler design, therefore the Sno Pusher is not married to the machine.