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REMINDER: Pricing is for Non-Commercial Mounting. Please ensure you select Commercial Mounting from the Western Plow Options page if your truck is on the Commercial list. All prices do not reflect any custom fabrication, if needed.  


8'6" MVP 3 blade is not compatible with Commercial Mounting.


The rugged MVP 3™ v-plow gives you all the power, productivity and performance you need for commercial snowplowing. With extreme flared wings, up to 45″ on the heavy-duty 10′ 6″ model, and double-acting cylinders, the MVP 3 v-plow has earned its reputation as a reliable plow by consistently delivering on what matters most—getting more jobs done faster.


PriceFrom $8,672.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • The MVP 3™ flared v-plow blades soar from a 35" center height up to a full 45" at the outer edge on heavy-duty 10' 6" models.

    The MVP 3 v-plow is available in 14-gauge powder coated, stainless steel, and 1/4" high-density polyethylene in 8' 6" and 9' 6" widths. 10' 6" models are available in 11-gauge powder-coated steel and 12-gauge stainless steel options.

    All MVP 3 models feature a clean-scraping 70-degree attack angle, and come with a standard 6" high-carbon steel cutting edge to reduce wear and extend the life of the blade.

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