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Nothing compares to the comfort, speed and efficiency of plowing snow with an enclosed cab tractor. SnowWolf has entered the tractor market with our NEW QuattroPlowTR snow plow attachment. It gives you more ways to make money with your tractor year round. Experience the 4-in-1 functionality of the QuattroPlow today!

QuattroPlowTR- TR/XT - TR/HD

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Smart Valve This SnowWolf exclusive hydraulic valve controls the plows wings without removing your hands from the controls. Angle right and hold for snowpusher position. Angle left and hold for wing plow or backdrag position. 165-Degree Wing Rotation Move the wing all the way forward for pushing, to the sides for plowing, or all the way back for backdragging. Allows you to carry more snow backward for a greater distance and fewer windrows. 23-Inch Extension on Each End in Wide-Angle Position Especially efficient for operators who seldom or never need backdragging containment. 35-Degree-Angle Tips on Wings Provides greater carrying capacity while minimizing windrows regardless of the direction the machine is moving. Keeps the wings clear of the machine’s front tires. Backdragging Down Pressure Delivers exemplary scraping ability and containment.

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