• QuattroPlowXT

    Built for Mid-weight to Heavy Machines.
    The QP-XT Series AutoWing plow is a standardized package that was devised to meet the needs of the mid-weight to heavy equipment operator. When your customer wants “Heavy-duty,” recommend the QuattroPlowXT that comes with the following standard applications:

    • Patented HD FlexFrame™
    • Floating AR400 Steel Sideplate Shoes
    • Patented Cushioned Sideplate Mounts
    • Reinforced Moldboard Construction
    • SpillGuard


    The QP-XT Package is available in the popular 9’ (126), 10’ (138) and 11’ (150) moldboard widths. It’s ideal for Compact Wheel Loaders, Skid Steers or Compact Track Loaders over 10,000 lbs.