The Original Snow Pusher

    For over 25 years, this containment snow plow has been a favorite among snow and ice professionals for use with their loaders, compact wheel loaders, backhoes, skid steers, and compact tractors. The Rubber Edge Sno Pusher is a perfect fit for both experienced operators and those new to the job. Available in sizes ranging from 6’ to 30’, this rubber edge snow pusher can be used on a variety of commercial properties. Join the thousands of snow and ice companies throughout North America that use the Rubber Edge Sno Pusher for their snow removal efforts.


    • Most popular snow pusher in North America
    • Contains and pushes snow into piles
    • More productive than truck plows
    • Can be used on a variety of surfaces
    • Easy to operate and maintain
    • Rubber edge "squeegees" surface
    • 10 year warranty


    • Increase Productivity

      Snow pushers can increase snow removal productivity by 500% when compared to truck snow plows. The snow pusher’s advantage over a truck snow plow is the ability to contain, push, and stack massive amounts of snow into a pile. Truck snow plows have limited containment and stacking capabilities.

    • Squeegee The Surface

      The Rubber Edge Sno Pusher cutting edge is a simple but effective design that can easily clear wet, heavy snow from the plowing surface. In many cases, the rubber edge is rigid enough to also remove pesky hardpack snow and ice. The rubber plowing edge has four leading edges, meaning that it can be flipped and reversed before needing replacement.

    • Simple But Effective

      Ease of use is a major benefit of using the Rubber Edge Sno Pusher.  It requires minimal training before even first-time snow plow operators can begin using it effectively.

    • Proven Value

      It’s no surprise that our customer satisfaction rating is close to 100%. For over two decades our products have been synonymous with excellence. Every Sno Pusher uses structural steel channel with fully welded systems and comes with our 10 year warranty. Many Sno Pushers are still in use 20 years later! From our pushers to our parts, you can expect the best from Pro-Tech.

    • Made For Your Machine

      The Rubber Edge Sno Pusher comes in sizes ranging from 6’ to 30’ and is available for loaders, compact wheel loaders, backhoes, skid steers, and compact tractors. Custom snow pusher options are available such as connection, wear shoes, and paint.