• UltraPusherTE

    This innovative new snow pusher has a steel cutting edge for the cleanest scrape you can get. Industry-first cushioned side plates provide ultimate protection for the operator, machine and snow pusher. And without sideplate-to-moldboard supports, it completely eradicates snow buildup to maximize rolling and overall efficiency. For heavier machines weighing 10,000 to 15,000 pounds, consider upgrading to the UltraPusherTE/XT.

    • Class-Exclusive Cushioned Sideplates

      Industry-first urethane springs protect sideplates from bending by providing up to 10 inches of lateral flex if the pusher hits something at an angle.

    • Floating Sideplates

      Up-down pivoting sideplates follow surface contours, move the blade over head-on obstacles and allow for down pressure on the cutting edge.

    • Strutless Sideplates

      Elimination of supports between the sideplates and moldboard means no snow buildup and nearly effortless rolling. Tough AR400 sideplate shoes ensure long wear life.

    • Oscillation

      Pusher follows contours with up to 10 inches of oscillation to keep the blade on the surface.

    • Tight Moldboard Curvature

      Tight curve keeps snow ‘live” and rolling properly so you can push more snow with less horsepower and traction.

    • Trip Edge

      The full 9-inch trip edge easily clears obstacles and protects the operator and machine.

    • Cutting Edge

      Put down pressure on the 6-inch, high-carbon steel cutting edge for a clean scrape every time.