• XV2™ V-PLOW



    The FISHER XV2 V-plow provides a new standard in V-plow performance and durability. "While retaining the best of our popular XtremeV™ V-plow, the new XV2 snow plow adds performance and durability features that take V-plow productivity and reliability to another level." The most noticeable change is the extreme flared blade design. The blades now rise from a 31-inch center height up to 39 inches at the outer edge on the 9'6" models."

    • Details

      The XV2™ v-plow features extreme flared wings that soar from a 31" center height to 39" at the outer edge on 9' 6" models. The XV2 v-plow is available in premium corrosion-resistant stainless steel in in 7' 6", 8' 6" and 9' 6" widths, and in powder-coated steel in 8' 6" and 9' 6" widths.

      The blade comes standard with a high-carbon steel cutting edge, increasing wear resistance, and features a 70-degree attack angle for enhanced scraping and back dragging.FISHER® Introduces A New Standard in Performance: XV2™ V-Plow Snow PlowStainless steel blades are available in 7'6", 8'6" and 9'6" widths while the two widest plow blades are also available in 14-gauge steel with Fisher's STORM GUARD™ powder-coat finish.

      The enhanced center hinge now features three connection points for added strength plus a larger 1-1/4" diameter heat-treated center pin for more durability."

      Super fast hydraulics deliver maximum plowing efficiency,” adds McArdle. "And the trip-edge design provides protection in all blade configurations, getting you over obstacles without losing your entire load of snow."

      Standard InstaLock double-acting cylinders hold the plow wings firmly in place for clean back-dragging while allowing you to lock both wings together to easily maneuver your snow plow as a straight blade.

      XV2 V-Plow FeaturesOther standard XV2 V-plow features include the FISHER FLEET FLEX electrical system for true fleet interchangeability with programmable features like "soft-stop", "one-touch float" and the SECURITY GUARD™ anti-theft system.

      The XV2 snow plow also incorporates the proven Minute Mount® 2 mounting system for fast and easy hook-up.For additional information on Fisher Snow Plows visit our Showroom or find your nearest FISHER Plows dealer.