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Western Snowplow at T&T Body King
Western logo at T&T Body King


  • Same Day Installation on most In-stock Fisher & Western Plows


  • ​Quality Installations with 60+ Years of Experience 

  • Unmatched Customer Service and Helpful Sales Professionals 

Step #2: Select Your Western
Plow Package Options


Western Nighthawk LED Logo W/ Edgeview Technology



The NIGHTHAWK™ LED headlamps are designed with premium features that provide unprecedented performance and superior visibility.


Featuring exclusive EdgeView™ technology, the NIGHTHAWK LED headlamps provide operators with the safest all-around view of the plow’s operating environment. When the headlamps are in low-beam mode, the LED lights provide a flat, even, ultra-wide, ultra-bright LED light pattern for superior visibility while also helping to reduce eye fatigue. When in high-beam mode, operators can see further down the road and experience a clearer view of upcoming hazards and the plowing environment. Clearly see the storm in front of you—all night long. The EdgeView technology design features a dedicated lens and LED bulb that directs light through the outer edge of each headlamp. This provides a full 180 degrees of light visibility, illuminating the plow from edge to edge, for the best all-around view of the plow’s operating environment.


Intuitive Heating System

Automatically senses temperature on the lens and activates heating elements when necessary to prevent snow and ice buildup, keeping the headlamps at full illumination and you plowing ahead.

LEDs provide up to two times the light output of halogens and have a much longer life expectancy for long-lasting performance. 

Western NightHawk Logo


The NIGHTHAWK™ dual-halogen headlamps gives you the ability to shed more light on any plowing job. With brighter performance and greater reach than traditional halogen headlamps, these dual-halogen headlamps are built to withstand even the most punishing conditions.


State-of-the-Art Reflective Optics

NIGHTHAWK dual-halogen headlamps feature reflective optics that are engineered specifically for low-beam and high-beam modes. The dual-cavity design means each mode can provide the optimal light spread and throw, for a smooth, wide light beam pattern with minimal glare, no matter which mode you are in.


Minimize Ice Buildup

Halogen headlamps are known for generating heat and can be very effective at minimizing the buildup of snow and ice on the lens.


The NIGHTHAWK dual-halogen headlamps are designed with a robust, two-stud mounting bracket that helps hold the headlamps firmly in place. They are tested to withstand plowing in extreme temperatures, vibration, impact, water submersion, corrosion and shock. Dual H9/H11 Halogen Bulbs The bulbs have an average life of 1,500 hours and are easy to replace through a simple, three-screw, bulb-access cover.


UNIVERSAL CONTROLS Choose between a CabCommand hand-held control with push buttons or a joystick control, based on operator preference.


WESTERN Snow Plow Standard Features

Ultra Mount 2 for Western Plows at T&T Body King

The exclusive WESTERN® UltraMount 2 system is designed for fast and easy installation and removal using a simple mechanical system. It features a robust, one-piece design and is 100% compatible with UltraMount® system mounts and electrical platforms.


QUICK AND EASY ATTACHMENT Drive into the extra-wide, flared receiver brackets. Pull the shoe handle up, pull the lock pin and rotate the handle up. Repeat on the other side and plug in the electrical connections.


DURABLE CONSTRUCTION The entire UltraMount 2 attachment is built upon a robust A-frame/T-frame construction with three-inch square tubing for extra strength and durability

Ultramount 2 Western Snowplows at T&T Body King

FLEET FLEX ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Experience true fleet interchangeability. The same CabCommand hand-held or joystick control can operate any UltraMount® and UltraMount® 2 mounted plow on any truck at any time. Excludes DEFENDER plow and IMPACT UTV plows

ISOLATION MODULE This advanced snowplow light and electrical system features improved electrical pins in the harness plugs for trouble-free connections. An underhood module improves system life and complies with OEM requirements. No toggle switch is needed to change from vehicle to plow lights.

Rotating Pivot bar for Western Snowplows at T&T Body King


The patented PIVOT BAR keeps the attaching points level even when the blade is not, for accurate drive-in alignment. It removes undue stress on the A-frame pivot bolt and pin, as well as the A-frame itself, reducing the risk of frame failure and breakage of key components. It also allows the blade to pivot while plowing on uneven terrain for a cleaner scrape and more even cutting edge wear.


The ULTRAFINISH baked-on powder coat with epoxy primer is standard on all WESTERN® plows, providing outstanding protection against wear and rust.

Removable Receiver Brackets for Western Snowplows at T&T Body King


Quickly maximize vehicle ground clearance in the off-season. No tools required.

PREPUNCHED BLADES FOR ACCESSORIES Plow blades are prepunched for easy installation of accessories, providing a custom fit. The prepunched holes also prevent damage to the powder coat that can sometimes occur when installing an accessory.

Chain Lift Systems for Western Snowplows at T&T Body King

The mechanical chain lift system offers a variety
of performance and reliability advantages over
a hydraulic system.

Experience instantaneous “float” when lowering
the blade, enabling it to freely follow the contours
of the plowing surface for a cleaner scrape.

Stack snow higher with non-restrictive plow
movement by the length of the ram stroke like
on cylinder lift systems.

Count on long life dependability with fewer
hydraulic and electrical components to worry about.
Excludes HTS™ plow, DEFENDER™ plow and IMPACT™ UTV plows.

Security Guard Anti-Theft System for Western Plows at T&T Body King

SECURITY GUARD™ Anti-Theft System
The exclusive SECURITY GUARD™ anti-theft system is a safe and secure way to electronically lock your snow plow whenever it is detached from your truck. Unlike physical locks that can easily be cut or removed, the system provides a deterrent against theft by allowing you to electronically lock the snow plow's hydraulic functions, rendering your plow inoperable to unauthorized users. By creating a link between your snowplow and control, your plow will automatically unlock once it is connected to your vehicle. A backup code is also programmable to allow other vehicles authorized use.

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